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New Light Projection at the Hoover Dam

appears to be a portal being opened in the Dam!


 Military using heavy artillery munitions during military exercise, on public streets?

Newtown Select Woman Patricia Llorda makes stunning admission at todays FOIA



Who is Behind This Site

Something more than just the Hoover Dam found designed into the 50 dollar Bill!

Pentagon says Live Anthrax spores were sent

to 9 states, instead of dead Spores. Several sources are reporting on uncertainty of the dangers.

Lake Mead water level data revealed

huge water loss but was later claimed 

to be a sensor malfuntion. Was it really?

Is an impending disaster, caused by a Asteroid, the reason for mass amounts of military activity and Walmart closures.

More Astronomers die under mysterious

circumstances. But there is more!

September 23rd is appearing in mass amounts of movies and they are making it clear that something wicked this way comes!

NATO Launches it's very own exercises cloned after Operation Jade Helm 15!

FCC Commish Ajit Pai: " Feds may come for Drudge"! Also reveals date

Net Neutrality Rules go into effect.

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Lake Toba Super Volcano wakes from long slumber. Earthquake swarms happening in very interesting places!

Two more members of the Financial Industry die in two days. Banker on the 28th and American Express President today!


Georgia Law Makers exposed for backroom law passages with corporate lobbyists!

5 Biker Gangs, allegedly shoot it out in Waco Tx. 170 gang members reportedly arrested. This takes place before open carry gun debate. Very fishy!

Fort Carson Co: 4000 military personnel

convoy south for Raider Focus Exercise!

Does this AARP Commerical contain hidden programming clues when it comes to the Operation Jade Helm 15 Exercise and Martial Law?

New Dash cam footageAlleged to be from the day of the Sandy Hook shooting

busted as a hoax! CW Wade caught red handed!

A full analysis of the recent Dash Cam footage that will Prove this Dash Cam footage is spliced and most likely taken from two or more days.

Connecticut Dem proposes legislation to make streets safer with a Tax Break for turned in Assault Weapons!

Military to begin conducting miltary exercise

in Alaska June 2015! 

Military vehicles spotted on train carrier in 

Slaton Texas. Operation Jade Helm 15?

Channels and videos being removed behind Jade Helm 15 and Walmart Tunnels?

BLM Mine Grab: Marine Vet now at the

Sugar Pine Mine, tells BLM what he thinks of their Unconstitutional behavior.

36 year old Morgan Stanley Banker, missing since April, 25th, found dead near filtration plant in Toronto Canada.

Citizen Journalist captures video of unusual military activity in Las Vegas Nevada.

Fake Gun Store uses actors to promote gun

fears for their gun control PSA

CBS releases story on Jade Helm 15 mentions Several Youtube Alternative News Channels by name!


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